Shortage of Qualified Candidates?

Never enough resumes?

"In this economy we're NOT seeing many quality resumes posted in one place anymore. I buy resume search month-to-month, trading between Monster and Careerbuilder, but I'd sure like to know what else is out there, especially when the quality candidates dry up and I’m stuck. I’M GRATEFUL FOR A PRODUCT LIKE YOURS that bundles the job boards, candidate search software, and all the backend support and expertise I could ask for, then offers it for less than I pay each month for just one.                                                                                                                            Taylor Howard - Bay Area Recruiters

Ultimate Candidate Sourcing Solution

We'll provide the resumes and back-end support, you do the rest!

Features & Benefits

  • All Inclusive - Low monthly fees
  • Candidate sourcing strategies designed, maintained and serviced by expert headhunter
  • Toshiba Satellite 17" laptop fully loaded and preconfigured, includes Office365
  • Over 2000 sources for finding quality candidates and resumes INSTANTLY with
    candidate sourcing software TALENTHOOK Cloud , including pay boards like Monster, CareerBuilder & Beyond
  • Set-up, training, and maintenance of TALENTHOOK Cloud candidate management software (license included)
  • Email, track, and manage candidates easily, with automated TALENTHOOK Cloud features
  • Customized job descriptions, phone screen questions, keyword research and email templates
  • Social Media sourcing strategies with AUTOMATION tools for posting/responding/emailing
  • Linkedin AUTOMATION tools, corporate branding, group postings, network support and INMAILS
  • Bulk calling and emailing candidates


  • Take Advantage of the best candidate sourcing software, sourcing tools, and candidate sourcing techniques,
    without having to spend the time with training, configuration, set-up and maintenance
  • Candidate sourcing strategies designed, maintained and serviced by expert headhunter
  • Hit the ground running with your expert headhunter doing all of the work
  • Eliminate the high cost of multiple pay boards and job postings (no need to pick just one)
  • Access entire candidate sourcing bundle using your own preconfigured laptop (free with purchase)
  • Dramatically increase your pool of qualified candidates
  • Spend more time strategically partnering with your executive team

  • Offering

    (Candidate sourcing strategies designed, maintained and serviced by expert headhunters)
    (17" Toshiba laptop w/ software customized and preconfigured for complete automation)
    (Unlimited, ongoing training on candidate search strategies, techniques and technologies)
    (Ongoing sourcing, administrative and software support)